All about the server


You can build anywhere as long you don't block the loot cave, artifact.
No griefing.
No glitching / exploits.
No insults / racism.
No inappropriate name.
No advertising servers.
No pillar or foundation spamming.
No boxed platforms/dinos.
Cage time is 45 min max.
Cannot put turrets on flyers. (Automatic)
You can put turrets on land/sea dinos. (Automatic)
You can only boxed land/sea dinos. (like home)
Turrets on raft is allowed.


Difficulty 8+
Better Beacons
Progressive Weapons & Tools
Meat Spoiler
Charcoal Baker
Reusable Plus
Structures Plus
Death Helper
Bore Water Kit
Bulk Crafters
Pet Finder
Classic Flyers
Seven's Forge Kit
Snappy Saddles
Ammo Pool

Server Settings

Caves take now x1 damage (no more x6)
200 Levels
240 Levels Wild Dinos
4 Players Tribe Limit
More Engrams
Third Person
30 Min Day
30 Min Night
x2 Dinos Damage
x2 Players Damage
x100 Gathering
No Downloads
No Crosshair
Structures Take Half Damage
x30 Taming
x20 Experience
x20 Baby
No Gamma

Per-level Statistiques

50 Health
50 Stamina
100 Oxygen
10 Food
10 Water
50 Weight
10 Melee Damage
2.5 Movement Speed
2000 Crafting Speed
10 Fortitude


- Steam group
- ArkServers
- Discord

For any bugs or suggestions contact